[NEWS] IU, Yesung, Min and Others Cast in 'Immortal Classic 2’

The line-up for ‘Immortal Classic 2’ has been unveiled.

Kwon Jaeyoung, the PD for ‘Immortal Classic,’ posted on his personal Twitter on May 4th , “Changmin, Hyorin, Yoseob, Min, Yesung and IU are all gathered. If these guys could take on Shim Subong’s song… I just think that would be fun. Hey guys, go for it. Don’t be nervous.”

Through this show, these 6 idols who have been praised to have the best singing abilities in the industry, now have the chance to battle each other out. For ‘Immortal Classic 2’, these idol stars will be singing hit songs by legends of the industry, but in their own style, and they will be judged by these very seniors themselves. Singer Shim Subong has been chosen to be the first judge.

IU had previously been considered for the cast of MBC ‘I Am Singer,’ and many were disappointed when these plans fell through. However, battling alongside 2AM’s Changmin, SISTAR’s Hyorin, Miss A’s Min, Super Junior’s Yesung, and BEAST’s Yoseob, fans are eagerly anticipating this star-studded vocal battle.

Meanwhile, ‘Immortal Classic2’ is set to begin filming on May 16th, and will begin airing in early June.

: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU.com
Source: Newsen
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