[News] Hyun Joong currently #2 for “Popularity Award” of the 47th Paeksang Awards

(Paeksang Arts Awards) Choi Seunghyun – Park Shinye #1 for “Male and Female” Catch the Eye

There is not even one month left before the ceremony for the Paeksang Arts Awards, the best arts festival for popular culture. It will draw its florid curtains on the coming 26th in the Hall of Peace, Kyunghee University, Seoul. Paeksang Arts Awards, which has its 47th (anniversary) this year, is drawing great attention to the drift of the main awards such as those to the works, directors and leads but also those awarded for popularity. This year, in particular in the movies and TV sections about 20 male and female stars (each) made it as candidates for the popularity awards. We examined in the middle (of this process) to see which candidates are indeed receiving the powerful support of the fans…

Area: TV, Male: Park Yoochun, Kim Hyunjoong, Lee Seungki, Zhang Keunsuk

In the TV area, the ceaselessness of the “young stars” is splendid. Park Yoochun of “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” is maintaining #1 with the vote percentage of 55%. Park Yoochun who is active as JYJ also cemented his place as an actor through this drama. Recently he is filming his next project, the drama Ripley. Ripley will air starting on the 30th on MBC.

The 2nd place who threatens Park Yoochun is Kim Hyunjoong. The vote supporting him is at 31.4%. He also made it as one of the candidates through “Playful Kiss.” Just as Park Yoochun, he is a case in which an idol group (member) transformed into an actor…

The popularity votes will proceed until the Midnight of the 23rd and so it can be said that the turnaround by the other candidates is always possible.

(Parts irrelevant to Yoochun omitted)

Source: Daily Sports
Translation by: JYJ3