[News] Han Ye Seul Car Accident Video To Be Analyzed; Might Be Accused For Hit And Run

Actress Han Ye Seul (30, real name Kim Ye Seul) had caused a car accident, and Kangnam police station, which has been investigating her car accident, asked the National Institute of Scientific Investigation on May 9 to thoroughly analyze the video that shows the car accident.

The 20 second-long video contains scenes where Han’s car came into the parking lot, hit a man surnamed Do (36) and made him fall down to the ground, and had a security guard approach him. The police will find out whether the man had really been hit by Han’s car and how large the impact had been on the man based on the result of CCTV analysis. The man surnamed Do reported Han to the police and submitted a medical certificate that said he needed two week’s medical treatment due to a bruise on h
is left buttock caused by the accident.

As the testimonies of the victim and that of the suspect regarding whether Han had apologized after the car accident were not consistent, police will investigate the security guard who had witnessed the accident and find out whether Han had taken proper measures after the accident. A person from the police station said, “At this moment, Han does not seem to have taken proper actions immediately after the accident. We will decide whether she had the intention of running away after the accident by finding out all the evidence regarding the accident.”

Han Ye Seul had driven her Porsche and hit Do’s buttock at the entrance of the parking lot of a multipurpose building in Samsung-dong on May 2 at around 8:15 am, and Do reported Han to the police that she had committed a hit and run.