[News] Han Geng ‘My Logo’ named as the ‘Most High Dancing Themed Song of the Year’

Online voting carried out for ‘Most High* Dancing Themed Song of the Year’
Han Geng named as the champion from the voting

<2011 Metro Asia Street Dancing Competition> is about to start. Previously, an online voting was held for the ‘Most High Dancing Themed Song of the Year’, they invited all netizens to choose the highest dancing themed song in their heart. This online voting was held for 3 weeks, it attracted thousands of people to join and it ended at 9th May 2011. Han Geng, who became a soloist released an album last year. With the support from his fans, he got almost all the ‘Best Newcomer Award’ at every award presentation ceremony. At this online voting, he got named as the champion with the support of all netizens. was named as the champion with 5050 votes. Gengfans left messages on the internet expressing their happiness.

is in its seventh year running and is organized by Taipei Metro Competition and Cathay United Bank. They worked with the media and started the promotions on the internet, and invited all netizens and listeners to choose the representative for the Most High Dancing Themed Song of the Year. This activity started on the 22nd April and ended in 9th May. To establish its fairness and to prevent votes spammer, everyone is only allowed to vote once and thousands of voters took part in this voting. Han Geng received support from all netizens with , fans also started activities like voting to support Han Geng on the internet. And, when the voting started, Han Geng’s position was maintained within the top 3. Lastly, fans of Han Geng came forward and brought straight to be the champion with 6 times more votes than the rest.

Show Luo, whose new album just created a sales record in Taiwan, his song got second position with 1440 votes. And, for the ambassador of the competition this year, Elva Hsiao got the third postion with 1038 votes. The fourth position was taken by Super Junior M . Next, Danson Tang, who just released his new album, his song and Asia Dancing Queen, Jolin Tsai got fifth and sixth position respectively. Fahrenheit and S.H.E from the same company, their songs, and stand firmly in the seventh and eighth position. Jay Chou, who had recently went to Hollywood with striking results, his composition skills was recognized long ago, his song took the ninth position. Netizens expressed that Jay Chou’s dancing skills are getting better. In the tenth position, it was taken by the 4 member group, Lollipop, they was named with the song .

*T/N: In Chinese, ‘High’ is the slang for hyper and lively. Usually, it is used to express the atmosphere carried forward by certain song or certain someone.

Source: iFeng Entertainment
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