[News] Han Geng Is Present for Charity, Gengfans “Occupied” Alipay.com for 48 Hours

Recently, many artists such as Han Geng, Yang Mi, Peter Ho, Top Combine, etc are present to promote the “Sunflower Project – Send Love to Children Living in Poor Regions” charity activity and call for public help and raise awareness of the education problems faced by these children who live in relatively developing regions.

"Sunflower Project" is jointly organized by Alipay.com and the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. They launched love.alipay.com. In addition to providing easy means for the public to participate in charity, they also encourage eco-friendly low-carbon ways to billing settlement. From May 9 to June 15, for every user who uses Alipay to settle water, electricity or gas costs, Alipay will donate one unit of electricity to the students living in the poor regions (equivalent to 0.56RMB).

Mainland China Popular King Han Geng’s star power is exceptionally shocking. A video clip of just about 30-second long has been re-tweeted more than 40,000 times. A vast majority of fans responded to participate. The donation page on Alipay.com is being "occupied" by Gengfans for an extended period of 48 hours.

Han Geng who was in a casual wear recorded the VCR during a short break at work. Han Geng’s popularity did not drop but soar since he’s gone solo apart from Super Junior. He has devoted more time to charity and set a positive and healthy image.

Artists participating in charity have become a trend. In the new era of charity business, doing charity via micro-blogging is receiving more and more attention from the public.

The publicity generated and promoted by the artists has attracted the attention of many kind users in a short period of time. According to data collected by Alipay, nearly 3,000 users participated in the project with a total donation of nearly RMB300,000.

source: Beijing Xinhua Net
shared by: sltan@geng-bao.net
translated by: hannie@geng-bao.net