[News] Davichi will make their comeback soon?

April 27th, 2011 Davichi Kang Minkyung sent a message through official website Davichi fan cafe and stated that Davichi is on the way to make a new album. Read below!
" Long time no see...

How have you been these days? we're okay these days.
Shooting drama...it was finished well. i coudn't believe that it was finished..i said when we would get all 50 episodes? it would take a lot of time " but, now.. it was finished ^^
6 months...it's half a year..right? it wasnt a short time that i've been acting..but, you guys always supported me..
I'm so sorry and thank you..
I feel a lot.. learn a lot..it was a happy time
now, it's time for DAVICHI to come back!! hehe
I've been preparing for our album these days.
composer, Young soo, Do hun , Shi hyuk ..and so on.. it wasnt determined yet..but, i think we can get good songs that are composed by good composers.
I'm always a lucky one.. we are so lucky becuz, we can make our album with these guys ..
why dont you pray for our good songs? I believe you guys will pray for our album ^^
ahh. I almost forgot it,
for our fans who became sulky because i'm doing only acting..im so sorry..so, now im making the melody to make a good album
though im still a amateur.. hehe
I felt good because a few days ago, our director said my own-made melody was good. I dont know my melody will be add to our album or not..
I've finished making melody..but, it's really hard to make the lyrics ..ㅠㅠ
Anyway, i'll try my best!
These days, when I meet Heari sister, all we talk about is just our music..we talk about good album..good performances...and about man?? ㅋㅋ ( haha )
When im with Haeri sister, i feel so comfortable..she can understand everything on my mind..
Next week we r gonna take a trip ..just near from here..I think it will be a place that was introduced at 1박2일 (Korea's very popular variety program).
I'll return here with good thoughts and good energy.
Always thank you for your love..
please, wait for me just little bit more
I'll come back to you with all great songs.
I wanna sing as soon as possible..
yours always...♡

According to Min Kyung, the new album will be given to the best composers and she may to contribute her own-written melody to a song. According to the leaked information 1 month ago the 2nd album will be released in May this year, but that information has not been confirmed by CCM yet.
Well,now we are all here to wait for their comeback . Of course Davichi will do their best to give the best things to their fans as always ^^

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