[News] Dalshabet Triple Crown, Queens of baseball, handball and basketball

While the girl gorup Dal★shabet is working in their last single 'Pink Rocket' they have archieved the name of 'Municiap Triple Crown'

Dal★shabet Subin was part of the LG-NEXEN NEXEN at the Seoul Lotte Card Baseball Stadium this May 15th along with the mascot. The biggest surprise was her performance along her introduction and a kiss to all the fans who were in the stadium that day

Dal★shabet Subin was also part of the handball game aswell basketball and baseball games gaining this the award of 'Triple Crown'

Subin was part of the baseball program this past May 13th at the Seoul Jamsil Gymnasium for the South Korean Handball League opening 

Dal★shabet Ayoung was part of the '2010-2011 Pro Basketball and the Jeonju KCC ET Game 6 of the championship game.

Happy Face Entertainment Dal★shabet agency have said "The group has been invited to various sporting events, this is a real honor" and "All the members like different sports so is nice they are all enjoying together the experience".

Dal★shabet comeback with Pink Rocket keeps being active with various activities.

Source: JOY NEWS
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