[News] Dalshabet Ahyoung and Jiyul ''We want to grow prettier from now on''

Ayoung member of Dal★shabet is around 16 days or more away of the 'Coming-Of-Age Day' celebration.
Ayoung will turn 20 this May 26th while and her groupmate Jiyul will be turning 20 this July 30th.

Both members are ready for their 'Coming-Of-Age Day' celebration.
Fans are starting to celebrate that special day with perfume, roses, teddy bears, clothing, etc. along with various gifts and congratulatory messages for the girls. Ayoung and Jiyul are really thankful to their fans and have taken a photo and send them all a kiss in return.

Dal★shabet Ayoung mentionated 'Now that I think, I'm growing up, I'll have bigger responsabilities different of the one's I used to worry about. I'm not ashamed and I'll try really hard when I turn 20'. 

Dal★shabet Jiyul said 'We think we need to be really careful and be more deeply and always responsable of the actions we do, also we will try to stay healthy, we want to thank our parents who were strong and raised both of us, we want to say thank you'.

Thw two girls said as finals words for their celebration 'We want to grow beautiful moments from now on'

**T/N: The 'Coming-Of-Age Day' is a really important celebration in South Korea, in the 'Coming-Of-Age Day' everyone who turns 20 (he official adult age in South Korea) celebrates their birthday with a big celebration. This celebration marks the childhood to the adulthood. Usually they receive three gifts flowers, perfume and a kiss from family and friends.

Source: JOY NEWS
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