[NEWS] Daikoku Danji 'Premium Live & Bingo' Event

The fans are greatly excited by Daikoku Danji and the personal belonings presented to them.

It was K-POP idol group Daikoku Danji, which consists of five members (Mika, Karam, Hyunmin, Injun and Jay) ‘premium Live & Bingo’ event in Shibuya-AX, Tokyo that was performed on the 21st of May. In the Bingo rally event, Daikoku Danji’s personal belongings were greatly presented to the fans where it was possible to take a photo together. The fans were excited, as this was not the normal everyday experience.

During the event, Daikoku Danji's debut single took 9th place in Oricon weekly single ranking was performed. The song performed included 'Lover Power' and 'I want to take you away right now'. Afterward, 'Magic' a new song from Daikoku Danji's upcoming 'Love Bingo!' single was excitedly performed where Karam announced, "This is a song from our second single which will be performed for the very first time for everyone. It's a fitting song which shows our feelings perfectly.” “It was something that I wanted to announce in a big stage.”

The halls piled up in the middle of the announcement as Karam and Injun did a demonstration performance where they did one practice after another. Moreover, the necklace that Mika acquired was presented. “We never asked Mika to do this…” said Karam as Mika put the necklace around the fans neck. A favorite shirt and hat was soon displayed afterwards as the members revealed they gave their whole mind into picking these items.

Daikoku Danji’s second single ‘Love Bingo!’ will be put on the markets on the 15th of June. When Karam was being photograph during “Love Bingo!” music video, “It was terribly surprising for the sea cucumber to be thrown out to Hyunmin though, there was a scene that we had to enter the sea where there was sea cucumber s though the sea creatures did not look good.” All the members approved as Karam exposed, “It was Hyunmin who made a lot of NGs.”

Source: Oricon Style + Jasmine-@tumblr + stardustboss | AstroMAFIA
Translation: vanitysixx@stardustboss