[News] CNBLUE-Girl’s Day Spring’s surprising blind date, ‘the birth of new couples?’

The blind date between the boy band, CNBLUE and the girl group, Girl’s Day has aroused attention from the public.

On the cable channel Mnet ‘Directors Cut Season 2’, the members of CNBLUE, Junghyun and Minhyuk and the members of Girl’s Day, Min Ah and So Jin went to Mallipo together with Na Yoon Kwon for their date.

When they were filming, the MC, Ha Rim introduced the theme ‘Spring’ and he said it is also the season for CNBLUE’s Junghyun and Minhyuk to have a blind date with Girl’s Day at the university. Junghyun and So Jin spoke in their home dialect but they were seen to be shy to speak to each other.

Minhyuk and Min Ah were also talking to each other comfortably after they had conducted some gentle conversation at the shooting scene.

However, Since they were supposed to act like they were the college students who were going on a blind date, when Minhyuk asked Min Ah what her major is in school, she answered it wrongly. The filming is said to be filled with laughter.

The refreshing spring- like blind date between CNBLUE and Girl’s Day will be broadcasted at 12:30 midnight on 6th . It is full of hilarious scenes.

Source: kr.new.yahoo.com
Translated by: Rice @cnbluestorm