[News] Choi Soojin: Sooyoung and I were not popular in school

Sooyoung’s elder sister Choi Soojin shared a story about Sooyoung and herself during their school days.

On SBS ‘One Night TV Entertainment’ where the loyals fans and families of the stars are revealed, Sooyoung’s elder sister Soojin who is currently an active musical actress made an appearance on the episode aired on May 12th. In the past, there was a topic that mentioned about Soojin being prettier than her younger sister, Sooyoung.

On Sooyoung, Soojin said, “Because my sister is very popular, people’s attention will be fixed on us once they know we’re together. Honestly, it feels rather awkward”.

In reply to the statement ‘You seem to be very popular as you are really pretty’, Soojin revealed and laughed, “My sister and I, we were not popular in school. We look more matured/older than our peers”.

Credit: newsen.com

Trans by: www.fanwonder.com