[News] China Dreams Show- Han Geng Free of Charge to Fulfill Fan's Dream

This coming Saturday, the program produced by our newspaper and Zhejian Satellite TV is going to welcome another “Make-Dreams-Come-True Ambassador”. He is Han Geng. Currently as one of the most dazzling stars in Asia, Han Geng’s appearance is to make a disabled beautiful volunteer Liu Miao’s dream come true. In order to fulfill Liu Miao's dream to be on the stage with him together, Han Geng did not charge the program for his appearance, completely “zero compensation”.

Han Geng Recorded Ringtone for the Fan On Stage
1988-born Liu Miao is a hard-core "Geng rice" who is congenital paralyzed due to hypoxia in cerebellum (T/N: the medical terms could be wrong since I am not a medical person). Three years ago, Liu Miao became Han Geng’s fan. She had been hoping to have close interaction with the idol. This young girl has suffered many misfortunes, but she was not defeated by the disability and the divorce of her parents. Instead, she develops an optimistic and strong character through these experiences. Seeing Han Geng in front of her very own eyes, Liu Miao can't help but to "scream hysterically". But this is only the beginning to happiness. Han Geng invited her to sing with him on stage. Due to Liu Miao immobility, Han Geng kept holding her all the way. All the audience of the program watched it with “envy and jealousy” for his consideration. After singing the song, Han Geng even gave her a hug which made Liu Miao very happy.

Towards the end of the program, Han Geng heard that Liu Miao set the weather forecast alert to his name. He especially recorded an exclusive ringtone “answer the phone, answer the phone” for her. Liu Miao expressed, “(I) can’t believe all that happened, (I am) going to faint from happiness”. With the exposure of Han Geng’s exclusive ringtone for Miao Liu, many ringtone providers “see” it as a business opportunity and have contacted Han Geng, his manager and the television network many times expressing their willingness to buy the copyright of the ringtone with millions of dollars.

Thanks the Support from Mother and Fans with Tear

During the Q&A section, when asked how he would handle the mother/wife relationship, Han Geng said it is very difficult to answer, “I don’t know, but I know it's tough”. He indicated that he would have his girlfriend to go shopping with his mother in order for them to get close to each other. When he talked about how his mother has supporting his career all along, Han Geng couldn’t hold back his tears. “Each time when it comes to talking about my mother, I tell myself, I cannot cry again. But I am really touched by her.” An MV which took Gengfans three months to complete was played during the program. It includes Han Geng’s concert, his participation in awards ceremony and clips of interactions with fans. Han Geng shed tears after watching it, "I am really grateful that everyone has been with me and did not abandon me. I assure you that I will work hard (singing), not letting people to yell at me, insult me”.

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source: LiaoShen Evening News
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