[News] The cast of Immortal Masterpiece 2

We already posted news about it and saying that Jonghyun might can't join this program because of the full and hectic schedule, but will he really not going to this program?

SHINee Jonghyun, 2PM Junsu, CN Blue Jeong Yonghwa, and FT Island Lee Hongki will join the idol singers already cast in the KBS Immortal Masterpiece 2.

Kwon Jaeyoung PD said on the phone, “They cannot participate in the program from the first episode due to schedule conflicts, but their participation has been planned from the beginning.” The current line-up consists of 2AM Changmin, Sista Hyorin, Beast Yoseop, Miss A Min, Super Junior Yesung, and IU.

Kwon PD continued, “6 singers will compete in the program. According to the current plan, SHINee Jonghyun will join them in the 3rd episode that starts a new mission with the 2nd legend singer, 2PM Junsu in the 5th episode for another mission with the 3rd legend singer. But there is uncertainty because the program has no elimination. They will join the program when someone from the current line-up wants to leave for a schedule or personal reason.” There is room for uncertainty when Jonghyun, Junsu, Jeong Yonghwa, and Lee Hongki will join the program.

Kwon PD hinted they might introduce a more dramatic way of adding new contestants, adding that he is also considering a proceeding that the 3-time winner retires with honor.

Immortal Masterpiece 2 is a program in which idol singers sing an old hit song by a legendary singer in their own styles and the invited sunbae singer will select the winner. It will start filming on May 16 and be aired early June.

[from 10 Asia http://media.daum.net/entertain/enews/?newsid=20110506111745967&cateid=1005&page=4]

Also we could see on Kwon Jae Young PD twitter. He already said about this matter.

[pd] There’s no elimination in Immortal Masterpiece 2, but there’s competition to be the winner. The winner will be decided not by one’s singing ability, but by how well one sings the given song by a sunbae singer in his/her own style. When to leave is up to the contestant because there’s no elimination. Another challenger will join when one of the contestants wants to leave due to his/her schedule or for some reason.

[pd] SHINee Jonghyun in the 3rd episode, 2PM Junsu in the 5th, Yonghwa after finishing his drama filming, and Hongki after finishing his activities in Japan will join the contest. I feel confident thanks to them.

[from Immortal masterpiece 2 PD Kwon Jaeyoung's twitte

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