[NEWS] BIGBANG excited 100000 fans in Japan tour…Returning home today !

The five-men idol group BIGBANG has finished their Japan tour with a powerful stage without leaving any regrets.

On 19th, BIGBANG has held their concert in Nippon Gaishi Hall, Nagoya which marked the end of their ‘Love and Hope’ tour and they have finished it with great success.

BIGBANG started their 10-day Japan tour from Osakajo Hall of Osaka, Makuhari Messe of Chiba to Nippon Gaishi Hall of Nagoya. They have performed a total of 8 times in these 3 places and there have been about 100000 fans who have gone to watch their concerts.

BIGBANG has mesmerized the fans in this tour with their uniquely free stage manners. Besides the songs that they have released in Japan, they have also introduced their latest songs which were released in Korea , ‘Tonight ‘ and ‘Love Song’. Moreover, each member has displayed their individuality on their solo stages.

The members of the top group in Japan, AKB48 and other local celebrities, such as the producers of broadcasting stations, etc have also attended the concerts, we can see their concerts have attracted a lot of attention from many people whom have written their reviews about the performance in their own blog.It has also become a hit topic.

When they were having their concert tour, they have released their second Japan regular album which has topped the daily and weekly chart of Oricon. They have enjoyed a double doses of happiness for their brilliant results.

After they have finished their concerts smoothyly, they are returning to their home country on 20th. After taking a break, they are expected to work on their new album.

Source: Starnews
CREDIT : Rice @bigbangupdates