[News] Another happy couple, Eugene and Ki Tae Yeong, will be married this July 2011

Actress Eugene / Yoo Jin (30), a former member of the star singing group SES, and actor Ki Tae Yeong (33), who met while filming a drama, dated for one and a half years, and will marry this coming July, revealed their determination, saying, "Please cheer for us, and we will live happily".

During a press conference held at a café on the deck named ON on the Han river on May 23, Yoo Jinsaid, "I hope that our fans will cheer for both us while we are holding activities". Ki Tae-yeong also said, "As our lives could be opened to you, we will form a happy family that can become a model to all of you". The two actors met when they filmed the MBC drama "Creating Destiny" that aired in October, 2009, and began dating since then. Yoo Jin said with a smile, "After we announced our marriage, we have received a lot of celebratory messages. Nobody actually asked me why I decided to get married so early, so I felt somewhat sorry". Ki Tae-yeong revealed his feelings on how he felt about getting married to a woman who was once a very popular star singer, saying, "Many of Yoo Jin's fans told me many things after our wedding announcement". He reportedly did not know that Yoo Jin was a member of the star group SES because he seldom watched TV. He said, "When I first met her, I told her that I knew her song and sang the song a little, but actually it was another group Babyvox's song. I listened to SES's songs later, and I found that they were all very good. If I knew her when she held activities, I would definitely have become her huge fan". Yoo Jin also said that she did not know him at all. She said, "I do not watch TV a lot, so I could not see any of the works in which he had appeared. I did not know that he appeared in the children's drama 'Vector Men', and I was really surprised to see his picture that was taken when he appeared in 'Vector Men'." They began dating from the time the drama was almost finished.

She said, "There was a rumor that we had begun dating in the middle of the drama, but it was not true at that time, and I even became upset about the rumor because we were not close at all". Ki Tae-yeong said, "I am an introverted person, so I could not become close to Yoo Jin in the beginning, and as we filmed the drama together, I accidentally could listen to the conversation between Yoo Jin and staff members at a restaurant, and I was attracted to Yoo Jin at that time because she was a person who looked at the world with a very pure mind unlike other ordinary people. I have thought that it would be very difficult to find my ideal type of wife, who is very intelligent and wise, but I could see those aspects in Yoo Jin. She actually has no faults". He revealed his affection towards her. He continued, "We had not dated secretly. We comfortably went to restaurants and church together after only putting on a cap, but nobody actually showed any interest in us". Another member of SES, Shoo (Yoo Soo-yeong), married last year in April and had a son. Yoo Jin said, "The leader of our group Bada has not yet married, so I have not felt urgency about getting married, but when I looked at Soo-yeong's [Shoo's real name] happiness in a family, I came to dream about having a happy family like her. Bada does not seem to be in a hurry about marriage". They revealed that they have plans to have three or four kids. They will hold a private wedding at a church located in Indukwon on July 23 with only their family members and close friends attending.

Right before the press conference, Yoo Jin held a party to commemorate the publication of her second beauty book entitled "Yoo Jin's Get It Beauty". The book contains details of major content that was dealt with on the beauty program "Get It Beauty" on the channel On Style, which Yoo Jin has been hosting, such as tips on make-up and skin care. Yoo Jin personally demonstrated the process of make-up in the book. Yoo Jin introduced the book, saying, "I wrote things that I could feel while hosting the program. I think that people can obtain very practical information from my book".

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Happy for them!