[NEWS] 4 Minute HyunA, A Pink NaEun are playing ghost game? “Their beauties are still the same”

Are girlgroup 4 minute HyunA and A Pink NaEun excited about playing ghost game?

On April 29th, from HyunA twitter, which she tweeted, and said “We are waiting for Music Bank. Its really hot right now. I think its because there are alot of our family members currently here. NaEun is a white person.” and then tweeted with a photo.

From their photo, they couldnt easily been seen because of the camera shaking. But from the other photo, their dolly like beauty were easily seen because of their small and clear face.

Netizens who saw the photo said the following “Playing ghost game? “They really have a Porcelain skin.” “They are still beautiful with the camera shaking” and etc.

Credit: Caz’sDancebuddy@a-pink.net
Source: Nate