[NEWS] 2PM "BOSS" Japan Drama Debut

On May 19th it was learned that the "Beast Idols," popular 6-member Korean group 2PM, will make their first appearance on a Japanese drama through Fuji TV's "BOSS" (Thursday @ 10:00pm). They will play themselves on the 6th episode that will air on May 26th and will co-star with lead actress Amami Yuki (43) who plays the part of controlling a special group of detectives. The members were deeply impressed by the "charming female boss." As soon as Amami saw the beasts' sexy chests in front of her, she "grabbed ahold of her heart" and was knocked out.

Even a female boss changes into a cute young girl when faced with beautiful beasts!? 2PM who have become a topic with the "Airplane Dance" from their first original Japanese song "Take off" will now make their debut as actors in Japan in the detective drama "BOSS."

Amami disguises herself as Osawa Eriko, the "female boss" for a special crime room, along with her subordinate, Kendo Kobayashi (38), who plays the suspicious gay, Detective Iwai Zenji, who visits a club where 2PM are performing.

These Beast Idols conquered Asia with their macho bodies and sexy performances and made their Japan debut with the release of a DVD in November of last year. In December of that year they held a showcase concert at Tokyo's Ryoukoku Kokugikan which gathered 25,000 fans. This month they had their first Japan tour that was also successful, and now they are riding on the momentum of their Japanese activities by acting in "BOSS."

The drama's producer reported that the members readily agreed to the offer: "Osawa Eriko likes George Clooney and Iwai has a hobby of meeting men. Considering both of their ideal types, beastly 2PM fit perfectly." Although they've done solo acting several times in their homeland of Korea, this will be the first time all of them will be acting together.

They were filmed performing at a club earlier this month, the 6 of them displaying a hot performance in front of Amami and KenKoba. 70 real fans were there to cheer as extras as they enthusiastically sang their representative song "Heartbeat." Furthermore, [the fans] screamed and jumped when members Taecyeon (22) and Nichkhun (22) showed off their built chests.

After touching their macho arms, Amami giddily said, "I forgot about the drama and seriously screamed along [with the fans]. The beautiful beasts sang and danced with ease." Main vocalist Junsu (23) revealed his sincere emotions: "It's an honor that 2PM was able to make this appearance." The members also responded to Amami's charisma: "The female boss is charming."

One by one, the 6 boys who long to keep acting in dramas will lose their hearts to Amami's old-school charming ways and she will apprehend them!

Source: SANSPO
Translated by: dawnjelly @ Wild2Day.org