[NEWS] 2NE1 on their comeback, “A feel-good pressure.. first concert in August”

These four girls who dream of freedom and power are once again announcing their revolt.

From the beginning, there’s been a good feeling. Park Bom’s solo song, Don’t Cry’ has swept several online and offline music charts, and they have prepared to once again seize the stage with their music and fashion.

Money Today Star News was on the scene of the recent music video shoot for 2NE1′s new song, Lonely, located on Nodeul Island on the Han River.

For this music video, the four members played the tragic female heroines, who were despaired by love and separation.

CL, wearing a brightly coloured leather jacket, was seized by grief. Sandara Park was extended the baton of separation. The voice of Park Bom, immersed in gloom added to the realistic acting of the youngest, Minji, after a break up. The story is quite unusual, and forms into one, as the four members together act as one female.

2NE1 showed their natural acting abilities, taking on the role of a female left alone after a party. The realistic movements of the members, trying to express their loneliness amongst a crowd, were the highlight.

Sandara Park evoked a feminine essence to her with her red leather jacket, and her hair swept to one side. The expressions that Minji, who was absorbed in gloom, put on with her eyes added to the deep feelings of separation. More than anything, the developing members’ styling and auras really gave off a unique feeling.

2NE1 hopes that there will be lots of anticipation for this new music video.

CL stated, “This music video is really interesting to watch.”, “It’s unique how the four members act as one, and it’s also interesting to see the member’s act after a breakup in harmony with the acoustic atmosphere.

The music video for ‘Lonely’ is a work of Han Samin, the director who had directed the music video for Big Bang’s 4th mini special album’s title song, ‘Love Song’. The sensual imagery and fluttery feelings really stand out. Two lighting cranes were mobilized and the set was especially produced over a span of 10 days. Filming at Han River, on it’s own to begin with, costs 150 000 000Won (approximately $150 000).

2NE1′s unique vigour was an excellent mix with the atmosphere of a song about separation. While the song plays, one is greeted by a sad aura through the members’ tones, along with the unique composition in which you can’t hear a drum beat. Even without a beat, 2NE1′s unpredictable unique sound will still make you feel the groove which can cause one to shake their shoulders.

The members, as expected, could not conceal their excited feelings to be doing new music.

Sandara Park stated, “This song, Lonely, seems like a song that no one would have been able to expect from us.”, “As soon as you hear the first verse, you begin to get the feel of it.”

Park Bom expressed her confidence, “If I dare say so, I’m confident this time as well. The melody itself is soulful and has a pop-feeling to it, and it seems like fans will enjoy it.”

We wondered whether they felt burden for this round of promotions, considering their triple crown records from last year. CL stated, “It’s important to place first as well, but sharing emotions with the public with our music is more important”, “That is the success that we think about”.

2NE1′s activities have began starting with Park Bom’s solo song ‘Don’t Cry’. Lonely is the second song that 2NE1 will be revealing every 3 weeks. The members hope that many will anticipate their new album, stating “The full details are a secret”, “One thing for sure though, is that it is our own style of music, and it cannot be described in one word”. These girls are rewriting the definition of a girl group, with their unconventional expedition.

The goals of 2NE1, who has been constantly growing, remain unchanged. They lead music and fashion trends, and thus the reason why the modifier ‘new’ always follows them.”

“During the last round of promotions, we scored the amazing record of a triple crown. This time, of course, there is much burden as well. However it’s a happy feeing of burden. We want to properly show ourselves through this album. We’ll leave it up to your imagination. Please anticipate a changed 2NE1.”

2NE1 on their comeback, “A feel-good pressure.. first concert in August”

Girl group 2NE1 is now reaching their 3rd year after their debut this year. They are foreshadowing an extravagant comeback after having all 3 title songs place 1st on music ranking programs last year.

They say that they’ve already finished preparing with a song that will flip any sort of expectancy and performances that will surprise the world. In gearing up for promoting in Japan at the time, 2NE1 had a change of route in deciding to perform in Korea due to the unfortunate earthquake incident. The return of 2NE1 to the music industry will be a friendly one when their improvement is unstoppable.

The love calls for 2NE1 are hot with K-POP rising in Brazil, France, and countries that may not seem like they would be involved. Also, Will. I. Am, a supporter of 2NE1, foreshadows good results in their debut to the American market. 2NE1 who is ready to enter the international market is spreading their wings for their performances in Korea.

The four stars who are dreaming of freedom on stage met with Star News.

-You are going to promote in Korea when you were ready to promote in Japan.

▶(Sandara Park) There is disappointment, but I think that we are getting more preparation in order to promote in Japan. I’m happy to meet Korean fans first. I want the day to pass by faster in enjoying the stage.

-What have you been up to lately.

▶(CL) After the awards show back in December of last year, we all received a week of break for each member. I went to France with my father and I felt at ease. Now that I’m thinking about standing on stage again, I’m nervous.

▶(Gong Minji) I spent my time recording for the new album, practicing my vocals, learning ballet and Japanese, and others.

-The responses for Park Bom’s solo song are hot.

▶(Park Bom) I was lucky (laughs). I really didn’t know the responses would be this good, and I was very surprised. I worried a lot because my song would be introducing the start of 2NE1. However, I thought, ‘This is the good kind of pressure’ and after hypnotizing myself with it, I did my best in wanting for it to be perfect. I’m very happy as of lately because of the much love our fans give.

-Solo songs will be released every 3 weeks. If you could introduce the song ‘Lonely’ which will release on the 23th.

▶(CL) After listening to it carefully, you’ll know that it was a song we took an extreme risk for. Everyone gets lonely. We thought that this would be a song that the public can relate to. In midst of the strong atmosphere, the song expresses distinct loneliness felt, whether one being a strong man, woman, or just anyone in general.

-All 3 title songs were 1st place candidates from your official 1st album released in the second-half of last year. Do you not have any pressure for your promotions this time around?

▶(Park Bom) We feel pressure, but it’s the feel-good pressure. First off, I feel good in seeing that Park Bom’s solo song is doing well. It’s always the same, but I’m curious in the response of fans. Ranking is good for us, but we think its jackpot when our fans agree with 2NE1.

-You’re waiting on your debut in the American market with Will. I. Am. what did you talk about when you met up recently?

▶(CL) We met up with him after a year. He had others listen to our songs and even spoke a lot about us. Normally, he talks a lot about music but when he sees us, he even talks about shoes (laughs). He talks a lot of interest in our shoes. We’re almost done recording for the album that we will release in the American music industry.

▶(Gong Minji) We had a lot of discussion about jumping into the American market with Will oppa (Will. I. Am). We talked about which points we can appeal with and since the American market is a big market, we have to concentrate on the points, but we’re happy that good songs came out of this.

-If there is a goal for you when you start promoting the new album

▶(Sandara Park) Placing 1st is important also, but we hope for the public to relate to the things we express. Like always, we hope you like the songs. I hope to hear it on the streets lots also. We have our solo concert in august and we’re already excited to show a new image of us. I’ll leave it to everyone’s imagination (laughs).

source: Nate
Translated by seoulfoood at ygladies.com