[NEWS] 2AM’s fan meeting in Indonesia was a chaos!

CREDIT:2AM bestiz

The fan meeting event with Korean boy band on Thursday (12/5) at X2, Plaza Senayan, was a chaos. Andi Soraya, as the representative of promoter Wayang Sinema spoke up.

Wayang Sinema, which is in charge of Miss Teen Indonesia event, work together with Rumah Sinema to invite 2AM. The main purpose the rising stars came to Indonesia was to work on a single for “Miss Teen Indonesia” and to shoot a video clip.

But apparently Rumah Sinema announced that 2AM would hold a guerilla concert. They then announced that there would be a fan meeting with 2AM. Of course fans came to see their idols in action and to say hi to them.

What happened was that fans who had came to X2 were forced out of the place by Wayang Sinema, even though they had paid 150,000 IDR per person for drinks. In Wayang Sinema’s agreement contract, 2AM were not supposed to have a concert and/or fan meet where fans had to pay.

“Work together, not to do a concert. They came here to work together (t/n: with local artists, i suppose). They came to the venue (X2) to do vocal rehearsal. There’s no concert where we are selling tickets for and there’s no meet and greet. When we came to the venue, we found out there were a lot of fans,” said Andi when met at Hotel Century, Thursday night.

After some investigation, apparently X2 had an agreement with Rumah Sinema where fans were required to pay for drinks. Wayang Sinema were shocked upon hearing the fact.

“We were shocked if there’s a 50:50 profit sharing with X2 for a glass of drink. In our agreement with Big Hit Management, there’s no concert, singing performance or even ticketing. Buying softdrink is the same as buying tickets,” said Andi.

The CEO of Juna International Limited, 2AM’s management (t/n: i suppose they are 2AM’s promoter from the Korean side), Sarah Kim also confirmed Andi’s statement. The contract that 2AM received was to work on a single and to shoot a video clip.

“Apparently Rumah Sinema did a mistake. They created a situation where we have to perform. And we and 2AM are deeply disappointed. All the members of 2AM are disappointed,” Sarah said.

2AM did plan to greet their fans after “Miss Teen Indonesia” event ends. But they do not plan to hold a showcase or fan meet. They only wants to say hi to all their loyal fans. Everything fell apart because Rumah Sinema announced something that was never agreed by 2AM.

“Actually we wanted to meet the fans and celebrate one of the member’s birthday with fans,” said Sarah in her closing statement.

Up until now Rumah Sinema has yet to give any statement. Hundreds of fans were disappointed because of the false information from them. Money was wasted and still they didn’t get to see 2AM even from afar.