[New] Shinhwa's Eric to launch a new girl group

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Actor, Singer and member of group "Shinhwa", Eric (32, real name Moon Jung Hyeok) is set to launch a new girl group as a producer.

Eric, will be celebrating his 13 years of debut experience in producing this new 4 member girl group called "Stellar". Eric will be the producer for the entire album of the new rookie group "Stellar".

Moreover, Eric not only will be the producer for the new girl group but also will be in charge of the rap lyrics of the main title "Rocket Girl", and will also be feature in the song music video.

According to Eric's agency, "Eric will visit "Stellar" while recording at the studio, and gives them advice to have a sucessful debut".

Eric new group "Stellar" will have the participation as a member of Kim Ga Yeong who became very popular with her participation in variety shows, "1 night 2 days" and "Men's Qualifications Choir Challenge". The group which consists of 4 members will make their debut in June.

In addition, Eric is not only busy producing the new group but also preparing for Shinhwa comeback next year. Eric will also have a series of fanmeetings which will kick off in Thailand on the 21st, followed by Taiwan and Shanghai.

Sources: Mydaily and Rubylovefaith@shinhwa.biz