[INT] Jay Park 'I'm a singer-songwriter, not an idol'

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Jaebum has come back. After releasing his first official album 'TAKE A DEEPER LOOK', he'll be calling the first shot of his comeback through a broadcasted stage on the 6th. Even before getting to start his main activities, he has received reactions from all around the world. His title song 'Abandoned' has recorded no. 1 in the Norweigian iTunes, as well as unexpected countries such as Denmark, and Canada sending him positive reactions as well.

However, Jaebum has walked about a very roundabout, far road to come to this moment. There has been a lot of things that happened, but this is the first time Jaebum will be able to really show his color. Through this album, Jaebum has completely escaped from the shadow that is 2PM. Not only has he become more mature, his musician-like sides capture the eye.

He quotes, "I started practicing two months before. I'm going to be holding my comeback stage in 'Music Bank', and I feel really nervous. Since I have to sing and dance with a song I made myself, it's more nerve-wracking than any other time. I hold love for this song, since I've tried very hard on it."

According to Jaebum, there is a 'sticky' dance included in this performance. Upon telling him that there was recently a 'spreadeagle dancing' controversy, he sets down a foot with, "My dance is not sexual". He thinks that there is feeling in his dancing, and that dancing is an art. It is very like his perspective, which holds pride as a b-boy.

In this first album that holds seven songs in total, Jaebum participated in all songs' compositions except one. In the Korean music world, this holds a special meaning. Jaebum's identity is hard to describe with just one word. To express him using his own words, Jaebum is a rapper, b-boy, and a singer-songwriter.

"In honest truth, the word 'idol' is rather awkward to me," Jaebum says while cocking his head to the side. "I'm not an idol. Hmm.... if I had to describe myelf, I'm a rapper, a b-boy, and a singer-songwriter. I think of myself as an artist. If I had to choose one description, I would choose b-boy."

Jaebum is an artist-like idol, but that image didn't appeal. Compared to the marketing G-Dragon shows, it actually feels rather behind. The breakdancer Jaebum is important, but his homework is to appeal the musician Jaebum to the public.

"You're right. That's the assignment I have to solve in the future. Because I'm not an idol, either in personality or in daily life. More than anything, my music is not idol music. However, I'm not impatient in the want for people to recognize me. I'm not a person who's greedy for no. 1. I enjoy. That's what's the most important for me."

To Jaebum, music and dancing is not a part of a job, but a source of fun. This point has been shown in the difficult moments he'd experienced with complicated problems in 2009. "At that time, it had been very hard for me. I had gotten injuries, and I had also given injuries as well. However, even at that time, I kept dancing and made music. It's a part of my being. They're things I can't be seperated from."

With this album, Jaebum has no intention to make many broadcasting appearances, or receive first place in broadcast music programs. He just has a greed for enjoying the stage and letting people hear what Jaebum's music is like. "Telling people of Jaebum's musical identity is a goal, if you could call it one. Oh, and please anticipate my ganji-filled performance as well." (T.N: Ganji is the Korean slang equivalent of 'coolness' or 'awesomeness')

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"Oh? Why doesn't my songs come out, is it because they stink?"

This is what Jaebum had to say after listening carefully to the radio program being played at the cafe, whilst conducting the interview. Having gone into main activities after releasing his first official album 'TAKE A DEEPER LOOK', Jaebum is the most nervous and happy these days. The meaning Jaebum's first official album holds is big as it is.

"To the arrival of the time of releasing the album, I had a lot of worries. I feared that it would be an album without personality. I thought that there should be no embarrassment at all when I picked up my own album. Without thinking about anyone, I just did the music I wanted to do. If people like it, great."

Jaebum participated in all seven songs' composition, listed in the album, except for one. Sometimes with rough rap, or sometimes switching to a sweet R&B rhythm, he has been showing his eight-colored charms. His public appeal is sufficient as well. Jaebum had more than sufficed the requirement to show off his abilities.

"They've looked at it nicely. I think that there will be people who'll show different reactions, as people all have different tastes. However, I worked while enjoying it. Upon my comeback stage, I'm nervous, but right this moment I'm happy and really liking it."

In any moment in his life, Jaebum hasn't let go of dancing and music from his hands. While staying at America after his leaving 2PM in 2009, there was a lot of psychological pressure on him with many controversies, but he kept dancing and producing music. To him, dance and music is his daily life and a part of himself.

"I'm okay. I don't care about people bashing me. The things that made it hard were my parents, who were so hearthurt when I came up as a topic to people's lips. That was rather upsetting to me. I just hoped that it would all pass quickly."

Jaebum said that nothing lasted forever, not wounds nor hurts. He says that after time passes, everything finds its place again and it becomes better. "I'm happy right now. I'm a free person. I don't want to keep worrying about something. I judge positively."

However, there were many obstacles after his comeback. After the conflict between his previous company, JYPentertainment, and his current company, sidusHQ, rose up to the surface, it was made known that there were many slowing factors to Jaebum's appearance on broadcast programs.

"I don't care about it. If a program gets canceled, of course I'm disappointed. But it's a part that I can't control. I just think that if it's happened, it's happened. I just let things go how they flow. I think that one day, things are going to get better. Of course, I'm not saying that I hadn't been hurt, but I'm okay."

Because of this, the KBS2 'Music Bank' stage that will be carried out live on the coming 6th is an opportunity he's had for the first time in a long while. "I edited my title song 'Abandoned' to fit the program. You can anticipate my performance, which fits the song. I'll sing and dance passionately."

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Making an assumption, to either sides of 2PM and Jaebum, each other will be a tag that they want to get rid of. However, Jaebum and 2PM are related with a long bond of staying together for a long time. The effect many incidents have had on each other is gigantic. It is the truth that some of it has had a negative effect.

Had Jaebum handed his album to the 2PM members after releasing his first official album 'TAKE A DEEPER LOOK'? At the place he met the reporter on the 4th, Jaebum did not shy away from mentioning 2PM or his previous mistake.

"No. I hadn't been able to contact them directly. However, I don't think that they wish that I'll end out badly. Since I think that it'd be nice if those guys become a success. In reality, they've grown very much and have become a cool group."

About some controversies and incidents that sprung up in 2009, he expressed it as his mistakes. "When I was young, I made mistakes. I had a foolish mind. But I'm just thankful that (fans) welcomed me back so warmly. I learned a lot as much as how much I've received from the fans."

The opportunity that has revisited him again has to feel precious to him. "I won't be too greedy. First, I think it's important to let my colors be known through this first album. It's okay if I'm not able to make many appearances on TV. Since I've came out with the music I'd wanted to do. I have a pride."

Recently, Jaebum has been occupied with not only music, but movies. He has been busy with the filming of 'Mr. Idol' in Junju. Upon mentioning his acting, Jaebum makes an expression incorporating a very flustered face and awkward face. "Ah, acting is hard. It feels different from music, again. I don't think I've adjusted to it quite yet."

All in all, Jaebum looked his happiest when he was immersed in music and dance, rather than acting. If acting gets in the way of music, he doesn't feel the need to press on. "I want to keep acting as well, but I'm worried it'll interfere in terms of my music producing."

"Right now, everything is enjoyable. Rapping is fun, singing is fun, and dancing is fun too. When's the happiest moment for me? This moment right now is happy. Especially, I'm at my happiest when I dance with my breakdancing crew AOM."

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