[Info] Most viewed KPop videos on Youtube! (Till May 2011)

An investigation has been made on the most viewed KPop videos on Youtube.Wonder Girls topped the list with their popular song "Nobody"!The video was uploaded in November 2008 and it has received more than 50 million views already.

2NE1,2PM,Big Bang,SHINee,SNSD,Super Junior and Wonder Girls are the artists that appear on the top 20 list.SNSD and 2NE1 both have a total of 5 videos on the list,followed by Super Junior with 4 videos,SHINee with 3 videos,Big Bang with 2 videos while 2PM and G Dragon with 1 video respectively.All the groups mentioned are artists of YG,SM and JYP.

Check out the list here
1.Wonder Girls - Nobody
2.SNSD - Gee
3.SNSD - Oh
4.Big Bang and 2NE1 - Lollipop
5.Super Junior - Sorry Sorry
7.SHINee - Rind Ding Dong
8.2NE1 - Fire
9.Super Junior - Bonamana
10.G Dragon - Heartbreaker
11.SHINee - Lucifer
12.Big Bang - Haru Haru
13.2NE1 - I Don't Care
14.SNSD - Hoot
15.Super Junior - No Other
16.2NE1 - Go Away
17.2NE1 - Can't Nobody
18.SHINee - Hello
19.2PM and SNSD - Cabi Song
20.Super Junior - It's You

Translated by Kacey @ DKPOPNEWS.NET