[INFO] 'How to Daikoku Danji' Interview with Karam

Q. Please tell us when were you born, what's your blood type and something about your family.
I was born on June 28th, 1991 and my blood type is B. My family consists of five members, my father, mother, and a younger brother and sister. My younger brother is 7 years younger than me but he's taller, better looking, and smarter than me sadly *laughs* My younger sister is 1 year younger than me and she's studying in university at the current moment.

Q. What do you think your personality is like?
I don't understand my personality but I am a person who always worry about others under no circumstances.
In Japan they say B types only do things at their own pace while in South Korea, they say B types are playboys which is absolutely different to my real personality! *laughs*

Q. What is your hobbies and special skills?
My hobbies are that I like to listen to club music, and study Japanese. I also really like watching Japanese drama. My special skill is playing soccer and ping-pong!

Q. What have you been doing lately?
Lately I've been watching a lot of Japanese drama. Recently I've watched 'Osen'. I've been watching Japanese dramas ever since I was in high school and after I've watched '1 Litre of tears', I really want to visit the schools in Japan.

Q. What is your favourite Japanese word?
“Fluent” *laughs* I really like to say “I'm Fluent in Japanese” because I think the pronunciation sounds nice.

Q. Favourite food and least favourite food?
I really love eating different kinds of cutlet bowl, my favourite cutlet bowl now is 'Gyūdon(beef bowl)'. My least favourite food are 'Umeboshi(pickled plum)' and seafood.

Q. What dish do you want to make in the future?
I want to make 'okonomiyaki(Japanese savory pancake)' with a lot of meat. In our dorm, I'm in charge of cooking and because I haven't made 'okonomiyaki' yet, 'chidimi(Korean vegetable pancakes)' is often made.

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Karam's 'must have' list
The latest notebook laptop from South Korea. I've only brought the laptop for about a month and I bring it everywhere with me since I treasure it. I watch all sorts of Japanese dramas, movies, dvd and comedy shows on it.

Source: The Boss Planet
Translation: vanitysixx@AstroMAFIA