[INFO] 2PM 1st Japan Tour "Take Off" - Zepp Sapporo Set List

May be taken out with full credits.

[Costumes: long black coats with red armbands]
Don't Stop Can't Stop
I Hate You (니가 밉다)
Without U - fancam

I Can't
Only You (acoustic and Winter Special remix)
Tired of Waiting (기다리다 지친다)

[Costumes: each boy had their own outfit for their solos]
Nichkhun Solo: Utada Hikaru - First Love - fancams 1 & 2
Lee Junho Solo: Usher - Nice n Slow - fancam
Jang Wooyoung Solo: Far*east Movement - Like a G6 - fancam

[Costumes: Take Off MV outfits ]
Take Off
I'll Be Back - fancam audio
10 out of 10 (10점 만점에 10점)

[Costumes: each boy had their own outfit for their solos]
Kim Junsu Solo: Jay-z & Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind - fancam
Hwang Chansung Solo: Rain - Love Song (널 부르는 노래) - fancam + fancam audio
Ok Taecyeon Solo: Greeeen - Miracle (キセキ) - fancam audio

[Costumes: Heartbeat outfits]
Risking My Life (목숨을 건다)
Gimme the Light

Again and Again

[Costumes: "Take Off" tour t-shirts and jeans (Junho was still wearing Heartbeat pants)]
Thank You
I Hate You (니가 밉다) + Again and Again Remix

The concert was 1 hour and 40 minutes long.