F.T Triple's profiles

F.T. Island's sub-group: F.T. Triple

Choi Jong Hun (최종훈) : Piano, Vocals

Lee Jae Jin (이재진) : Guitar, Main Vocals

Choi Min Hwan (최민환 ): Drums, Vocals

The three members Choi Jong Hun, Choi Min Hwan, and Lee Jae Jin formed a sub-group called F.T. Triple.

Some of the reasons behind this move were to showcase more of the members' skills and to prevent lead singer, Lee Hongki, from overstraining his voice again.

Another reason was to continue promoting F.T. Island while Lee Hongki was busy filming the South Korean drama "You're Beautiful" and while Song Seunghyun was busy with variety shows.

At first, this trio was unofficially announced at the Dream Concert in Japan as "A3".
They almost named themselves A3 because they all are blood A type.
They wanted to keep the F.T. name so they added Triple at the end of it to represent that it is a trio.

In F.T. triple, Lee Jaejin, originally in charge of bass for F.T. Island, becomes a guitarist and the lead vocalist; leader Choi Jonghun plays the piano and Choi Min Hwan continues to play the drums.

Their first single was titled "Love Letter" and was released with F.T. Island's 2CD Repackaged Album Double Date as a second CD named Two Date that features all F.T. Triple songs.

Double Date: Two Date

Love Letter

Far Away

Even If You Pinch Me

In 2010, the song "Don't You Know" is used as Master of Study OST.

Don't You Know

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