[Fancam] After School's UEE is E-Young's eonni

After School's maknae E-Young gathered Playgirlz' attention because of her great skills. Indeed, she is very talented. And as the newest member of After School. It is very good to see that she is adjusting her career as the member of the group now. With these, she has an eonni (older sister), who help her. Of course, both fans of Uee & E-Young were glad to know this. 

Check this cut of Video taken by a fan : After School after the SBS Inkigayo

Netizens have commented, "Aww, like sisters!", "U-ie &E-Young holding hands that's cute &sweet. Uee lookin' out for their maknae <3", "awww UEE so sweet ! E-Young really suits to be the maknae for real hehehe so cute <3", etc. Behold Uee & E-Young couple *_*

Credit ( photos ) : AS Site / ASFan
( Video ) : Uploader