[Fanaccount] Yunho at filming set in Toronto

This is a fan account written by Abimediator.
There were a total of 11 of us going to the film set. The venue for filming today is CNE Museum. We spent some time to travel there and upon reaching, we found that Yunho was in the process of filming. Then, we saw Yunho’s and BoA’s ‘resting’ cars. BoA’s car is at the outer most side, and the name that was pasted on the car was ‘AYA’. Yunho’s car was at the second last position, and the name that was pasted on the car was “U-know” which was hand-written. It was around 2pm that time. There were many staffs who exchanged greetings with us, and all of them commented that Yunho is a handsome guy. We asked the staffs and knew that Yunho has completed his filming for that afternoon but he haven’t left the area yet. Boa haven’t reached the film set yet. One of the staffs who was in charge of filming told us that Yunho is a really good looking guy, after he said that sentence, he added that though he thinks that Yunho is good looking, but he himself is not a gay. The staffs there are really cute.

After we sent our greetings to Yunho’s assistant, he said ‘Hello’ back to us politely too. There was a break at 5pm, and around 4.40pm, most of the actors and actresses came out to have their meals. A few American actors and actresses even shouted out to us that “He is really good looking!” At around 5 plus, a car came to stop at the entrance, and we were standing across the road from the entrance. After a while, Yunho came out, wearing a blue vest with a black shirt inside, black hat and black pants. When he came out and boarded the car, he was wearing a smile on his face and it seemed to us that he was feeling great that day. Yunho sat on the right side of the back row which then the car drove him to the area in which his ‘resting’ car was parked, after that he went into his ‘resting’ car. That area was enclosed with people guarding, thus we were not able to enter.

Thus, we stayed near the area so as to wait for Yunho to be out. After a while, a black car drove past. We did not know that BoA would be here today! She was seating beside the driver’s seat, and with her silky black hair and fringe, she is really pretty! When she was in the car, she had a mini conversation with her assistant and afterwards, she alighted from the car. When she walked up the steps to her ‘resting’ car, we shouted out to her “Hello Unnie” in Korean and we waved to her. She was actually walking at a fast pace to the car, but upon hearing us, she turned back and waved to us with a smile on her face, she is really nice and friendly. In her ‘resting’ car, she was chatting with her assistant as well as the staffs and she was smiling happily.

At around 6pm, BoA came out from her ‘resting’ car, wearing a grey hoddie and a cap, she looks really cool! Her assistant was walking behind her, and the both of them walked to the area where Yunho’s ‘resting’ car was parked, which after that, they entered the car. When she walked, she really has the aura of a star! Not long after, BoA’s assistant came out with a camera in her hand, which was intended to take a photo of Yunho and BoA together. The door of the ‘resting’ car was inclined to a side, and thus, our views were blocked when the both of them sat on the steps of the car. The assistant took about 2 to 3 photos. During the photo taking, Yunho wanted to change his posture, while changing, he did not stand firm on one of his leg and thus, his leg stepped on the floor. His legs are really long, one of his legs was on the second step, while the other was stepping on the floor. (BoA has uploaded the photo on her Twitter)

After the photo taking, both of them returned to Yunho’s ‘resting’ car. Both of their assistants were in the car as well. After about half an hour, they came out of the car. BoA came out first, followed by Yunho. Yunho waved goodbye to BoA. Yunho has a really nice smile and this time round, we were able to see him clearly. He was not wearing a cap and he has a really great figure. BoA waved goodbye to Yunho with both of her hands up and the scene was really cute. After that, Yunho went back into his car while BoA went back to hers. I walked up to asked if I can get her signature but she politely waved to me, indicating that she couldn’t give me her signature. Then, she went back to her car. They stayed in their car and didn’t come out after that. We left at around 7pm, and the staff told us that the filming would last till around midnight, all of them were working really hard.

To conclude, Yunho is really good looking and has a strong charisma, though we could only see him from a distance, we felt really blessed. The reason why we didn’t manage to interact with him is because when we arrived, he has started filming and he was still adjusting to the jet lag. In addition, the weather was hot and thus, he might not get used to it. Yunho is really dedicated to his work and is working hard for it. Though we only managed to see him twice, I felt that all the waiting today was worth it. I could really use the word ‘gorgeous’ for BoA; she has the aura of a star. Her smile is mesmerizing and she is very polite as well. The relationship between Yunho and BoA is really good too. That’s all for now, I hope everyone can support BoA’s movie, and Yunho’s appearance as a guest will bring about a great impact as well.

Below are some photos taken by the fan.

We didn’t managed to take a lot of photos because it is prohibited. This is Yunho’s ‘resting’ car, the handwritten ‘Uknow’ is red in colour. 

This is BoA’s ‘resting’ car.

That person who was sitting on the steps is BoA’s assistant, who is also the one who took the photo of Yunho and BoA together.

Source: Abimediator
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