[ENG Trans]Muscle Girl Staff Diary Update

English Translation:
Oh Wonbin appearance !
via HP in a second, I will introduce
ex-member of FTIsland, Oh Wonbin
will appear and become as a guest !
on [ Muscle Girl ! ]
officially known as Siwon☆
Now he debut in solo
Wonbin debut as a singer in Japan too
before we meet
I was nervous and don’t know what to do・・・
really, he was a friendly person!
same as Honggi-san
his Japanese is really good
he also interacts with staff
we had all conversation in Japanese !!
Both have a good relationship with Ji-ho
Siwon and Jiho are really care to each other
even it just a few appearances,
he (Wonbin) did not nervous in his first japanese drama
I introduce something for cast and staff as much as I can
and have a lunch with Shiratori Girls
Kurogane-san and Gōhara, they played a games with Skull Kyoko (Koike Keiko-chan)
there something like laugh or get scolded☆
What a character was like that
kindly, please look forward of it☆
☆Jiho and Siwon!
Please pay attention!!!
Please give an idea about what will appearing in episode!!
Source: Muscle Girl Staff diary
English Tranlation by Kaori