Brave Girls profiles

Brave Girls debuted in 2011with debut song "Do You Know" under popular producers Brave Brothers.

Stage Name: Eunyoung (Leader)
Full Name: Park Eunyoung
Birthdate: 15 October 1987
Position: Leader & Lead Vocals
Hobby And Specialty: Ballet, Acting

Stage Name: Hyeran
Full Name: Noh Hyeran
Birth: 1992
Position: Rapper
Hobby And Specialty: Cello, Piano

Stage Name: Seoa
Birth: 1988
Position: Vocals
Hobby And Specialty: Acting, Exercising

Stage Name: Yoojin
Birth: 1992
Position: Vocals, Rapper
Hobby And Specialty: Piano, Flute, Arts, Japanese

Stage Name: Yehjin
Birth: 1990
Position: Vocals
Hobby And Specialty: Violin, Classical Guitar