[BLOG] Korean Producer MARCO Cyworld Update


110327 Korean Producer MARCO Discusses BEAST's New Song

Honestly, I had finished the work for BEAST’s first official album.

As soon as our studio was moved to this different work place,

I got to work with a friend of mine, Soosuk, who uses the work room next to me, for the first time and one amazing song was born

If you listen to it, you will just go like "Ah...". It’s a slow tempo song with hiphop and R&B mixed with it.

It is a song I made in 5 days with 2 hours of sleep each day.

These days the Secret girls come by often to the work room

(Sunhwa complained to me why I keep writing songs for BEAST and not Secret ㅠㅠ kekekeke)

Bang Yonggook comes often too, and I basically see Untouchable every day...hahahahahahahaha

It seems like it will go into recording about next month and it is supposed to be included in the album so I will let people know here.

They say the album will be out around late April or early May. They say it is the official first album.