[Article] Mature SHINee, with another start in Japan

On Asian Place Japan Maagazine interview, each member of SHINee told their feeling toward their Japan debut. Compared with their Korean Debut in 2008, this Japanese Debut is another step to be more shining and bigger stars. They are already grew up, and have a very masculine body too. Read the translation below! I bold the interesting words from SHINee :)

- To begin with, congratulations on your debut in Japan! First, tell us about each member’s role or character.

Key: I’m SHINee’s energizer?

Minho: I think my nickname “flaming charisma” fits me very well for my character who dislikes giving up.

Taemin: I’m team’s maknae who is always adored by everyone? (laugh) I’ll show my aegyo a lot in Japan too.

Jonghyun: I’m in charge of being joyful, a character helpng smooth, adjusting things to go well

Onew: And I’m in charge of SHINee’s leader

- That’s very concise. How did you feel when you heard about your debut in Japan, and what did you do to prepare for it?

Minho: All our members were very happy. Frankly speaking, we got nervous but felt we’d love to show our music and performances to Japanese fans. While recording the debut song in Japanese we studied Japanese watching Japanese movies or dramas. I think it is part of the process of learning more about Japan.

Jonghyun: I’m glad we can study Japanese culture and contribute to cultural exchange between both countries

- We saw Key’s tears when you announced your Japan debut during your live in the Yoyogi stadium last year. Did you have lots of thoughts?

Key: First off, it was our fist time to perform on such a big stage. I couldn’t see the audience well when we started our live, but when I was able to see fans at the ending I was touched very much. And at the happy news about our debut in Japan, I was moved into tears.

Minho: It was meaningful because it was our first solo live.

Jonghyun: The ending song was “One.” When I glanced at Minho standing next to me, he was singing very sincerely. I got teary with lots of memories with members coming to my mind.

- Do you have such moments of feeling with members during your live?

Onew: Yes, we do so when we have eye contacts with each other on stage. We try to adjust through talk while practicing, but at the end, we can feel what other members are thinking through our eyes.

- While you spend time together, do you get influenced by each other, for instance, training or singing skills, or food taste?

Key: Yes! As for food, thanks to Taemin, I got to like meat, which I didn’t like that much before.

Taemin: (Looking at Key) my way of thinking has changed a little. I thought I would change naturally inside when I turn 20, but now I think someone doesn’t change like that simply because he gets older (laugh).

Jonghyun: Taemin now likes exercising at a gym thanks to Minho and me? (laugh)

Taemin: Right, we get to learn from each other. I learn about singing from Onew hyung and Jonghyun hyung, Minho hyung gives me advice. Key hyung gives me tips related to fashion.

- You mention fashion. What is your fashion point as fashion leaders?

Key: I think our concept is ‘contemporary boys’ that is what SHINee are, natural, cool, and friendly.

- What music and dance styles do you like?

Key: I listen to almost all the new songs I like. I like urban (modern dance music with rap) and pops.

Minho: I like R&B or ballad, and like tough dance performance.

Taemin: I think music and dance are the same in the end in delivering music. I like songs with strong beat I can show dance performance to.

Jonghyun: I listen to punky music like Maroon5 or T.O.P. Recently I’m learning guitar.

Onew: I like and listen to old pop a lot.

- You like different styles. What ritual do you have before recording?

Taemin: I do vocal exercises, pull my voice together, and drink lots of water

Minho: Before recording, I practice listening to the song several times. It makes me feel less nervous and feel like I can sing better.

Onew: It’s important to practice listening to the song again and again.

Jonghyun: I try to understand the lyrics completely, and then to sing to express the feelings

- Then, what do you do before your performance on stage?

Minho: We stand in a circle and shout “Fighting~”

Taemin: Shouting “Fighting!” helps clear our throat (laugh). So we can’t skip “Fighting!”

- Your debut song Replay is the Japanese version of your song released in Korea in 2008. How did you feel singing it again in Japanese?

Onew: I think we find its charm again and again every time we listen to it. The charm doesn’t change even when we sing it in Japanese.

Jonghyun: That’s why the song is titled Replay (laugh).

Onew: Right! Once you listen to it, you can’t get out of it.

- The song conveys this feeling of being sorry because she doesn’t know your heart, feeling tender toward her, and feeling true affection. What did you pay attention to when your recorded it?

Jonghyun: First, I paid attention to Japanese pronunciations. I was very worried if I couldn’t deliver the lyrics well, so I checked with our Japanese teacher and Japanese staff while recording. It was our first time recording in Japanese, so frankly I didn’t know how Japanese emotion is different from Korean, but I tried to express the feelings.

Onew: I tried to express the feeling of fluttering heart.

Key: Because we had to express feelings in a different language, I tried to make it sound as natural as possible. I recorded it checking on my pronunciations with Japanese staff.

Minho: It has a different feel from the Korean version we have sung for 3 years, so it wasn’t easy, but I tried to express the feelings.

Taemin: In the Japanese lyrics, we are more matured, so I sang in a lower and stronger voice to express it.

- I see it is so touching because of such efforts. What part is your favorite?

Onew: I like the part “Replay Replay” as in the title.

Minho: I also like the part and all of it.

Jonghyun: The last bridge part.

Key: The ending part with each member’s adlibs. The rap and Taemin’s dance part.

Taemin: Thanks (laugh). I like the intro part.

- The Replay M/V is on the DVD. Did you have any impressive episodes while filming it?

Jonghyun: A special technique was used for this m/v.

Taemin: Yes, some parts were shot with a matrix camera.

Minho: The matrix was used for my and Taemin’s parts. It was very interesting. It was our first time filming a music video in Japanese, so we had a hard time in close-up scenes showing our lips. The member who made many mistakes is…

Jonghyun: Isn’t it Taemin?

Taemin: Uh, me? But I tried hard (laugh). We filmed in Paju, Korea, the same place we filmed the m/v for our Korean debut single Noona Is So Pretty, so it was more meaningful.

Onew: Right. We were deeply moved because we filmed the m/v for our Japanese debut single in the same place where we filmed our first m/v. I felt we are making a new start.

-What memories do you have of the year 2008 when you released this song in Korea?

Key: I still remember I practiced this song with members until early morning hours.

Jonghyun: we practiced all day. I still remember how hard we practiced.

- Tell me what impression you had when you listened to the couple song Hello, and what you like most.

Jonghyun: It was a calm and warm song. And the first thought that came to my mind when I listened to this song first time was “Ah, this song is really difficult” because we’d have to sing it (laugh).

Minho: I thought the beat was very new and interesting.

Taemin: It has a light feel and matches the lyrics very well.

- Say your goodbye messages to Japanese fans.

Onew: Please, cheer for us as we are debuting in Japan. There are many people who suffered from the earthquake. We will be happy to be of help with our songs and performances. We’ll do our best.

Key: We are all looking forward to our debut in Japan. We are studying Japanese for our debut. We’d like to show our SHINee-like music and performance to Japanese fans as soon as possible. Please, cheer for us.

Taemin: We’re now at the change of seasons, so take care not to catch a cold! See you in Japan!

[Korean Trans by 빵빵타@DC Shinee Gallery | English Trans by jujugal]