[Article] The girl who captivated the Philippines, Sandara Park and Adidas's passion, all in as one!

2NE1 Lonely is an all kill on the charts! The girl who captivated the Philippines, Sandara Park (Park Sandara) and Adidas's passion, all in as one!

Lonely Lonely Lonely~♪ 2NE1 has come back with their new song Lonely. They had taken first place in all the charts. But the popularity of 2NE1's lonely doesn't end in Korea! It was first place in Youtube's music section which put them on the main page, they have popularity around the world that surpasses Korea^^ Today we will introduce Sandara Park (Park Sandara) out of 2NE1's sparkling stars. We invite everyone into Sandara Park's passion.^^

Korea's girl Park Sandara, informing the Philippines about Korea.

All 2NE1 fans know that Sandara Park used to be a star in the Philippines, right? ^^ Even if you aren't a 2NE1 fan, you've probably listened to parts of her story before. When Sandara Park's story was aired in five parts in KBS's Human Theater, she gained a lot of popularity. When people hear the name 'Sandara,' they assume that it is a Filipino name but did you know that it is actually pure Korean words that mean strong and steadfast?^^ Park Sandara had let people know about Korea starting from her name!
There's a program called "Star Circle Quest" in the Philippines. Similar to our "Superstar K" and "Birth of a Great Star," it uses a survival setup to pick singers. Park Sandara had also participated in Star Circle Quest, and they had shown us a miracle! The last one eliminated that the remaining 5 people chose had recorded 500,000 text votes during pre-selection. The female entertainer had recorded the highest number. As the show was progressing, Sandara Park had received as many as 2 million text votes.

Foreigner Sandara Park, receiving love from the Philippines.

To keep Park Sandara from being first, there was a rumor that said Park Sandara had 'bought votes from people.' Thus Star Circle Quest's MCs and judges had turned onPark Sandara. Out of the MCs, one had asked the young Park Sandara a question.
"How were you able to pay for a million, three hundred thousand votes?"
The people who had appeared on Superstar K and Birth of a Great Star probably also want to ask a similar question. How such a thing was possible. If she knew, they would probably ask her to teach them how. But to Sandara Park, it was a question that she didn't know how to respond to and she couldn't help but cry during the broadcast. But in the end she won over the rumors and won 2nd place ^^! From seven thousand contestants. The public must have been able to see Sandara Park's sincerity?

Sandara Park of the Philippines, standing again as Park Sandara of Korea.

Park Sandara is reminiscing like this!
"Things that are regretful will never become the best. During the contest as well, although I was second, I wasn't able to become first place. It didn't seem like I could do anything about it because I was a foreigner. When I was acting, it was the same. I was only called for parts that were of a Korean coming to the Philippines to study abroad. That was what had limited me and what I had to work to resolve."
In the Philippines, Sandara Park had achieved the kind of popularity that can be described as skyrocketing. CF model, MC that introduced Korean dramas, singer, movie actress, talent. With overflowing talent, she could do anything! readily. And in Korea, as she also made her name known with 'Experience! Global Village Homestay', 'Live Broadcast, Current Events Tonight', and 'Human Theater' - she finally returned to her home country. ^^b

My name is Sandara Park.

People who have watched Human Theater would be able to sympathize. With the feelings of a small-framed Korean girl who towered over the Philippines. Thus many people waited excitedly for Park Sandara's passionate image to appear. But it wasn't easy to see her on broadcasts, because her contract with YG Entertainment wasn't originally for her to be part of 2NE1.
Park Sandara had appeared with Big Bang's TOP in the music video for Gummy's fourth album title track 'I'm Sorry.' That marked the beginning of her activities in Korea. One year later, she played the part of 'Rie', a ninja from a Japanese village in the MBC drama 'Return of Iljimae.' For Sandara who dreamed of being a singer, it was a really difficult time, because she wondered if she would have to put aside her dreams of being a singer for the sake of acting. But then an opportunity appeared. To be a part of 2NE1, ladies who had completely shaken up Korea's music industry! ^^v

Only acting? Sandara Park can do anything well!

Sandara Park had already reached the highest popularity possible in the Philippines. Acting, singing, dancing, even gags. Sandara Park, the girl who can do anything, had turned the Filipino entertainment world upside down with her impact. When Park Sandara came back to Korea, she underwent many different types of training at YG Entertainment such as vocal, dance, acting, and exercise training. The reason why you couldn't see Park Sandara right when she came back to Korea was because of this training.
After she started activities with 2NE1, Park Sandara had influenced Korea greatly, even more than she had in the Philippines. Lonely is shaking up the world because of these girls' passion and talent that could target the entire world.

Between music, acting, and variety shows, Sandara Park radiates talent. She had learned about variety from Big Bang's Seungri and had become a good speaker.^^ In an interview, she had said that gag was her specialty and showed her greed for gag. In an interview, when she was asked why she wanted to be an entertainer in Korea, she responded "Here, (the Philippines) speaking English or Tagalog has gotten easier but since I'm Korean, I think speaking Korean would be the easiest." Yes, it was because she wanted to use Korean freely. Therefore this is why she shows her variety skills without boundaries. ^^a
As they have presented themselves to the public yet again with Lonely, I am curious as to what other sides Sandara Park, CL, Park Bom, and Gong Minji will show in the future. ^^

Sandara Park's passion

When Sandara Park is preparing for the stage, it's hard to watch. She has to split what little time she does have to practice, so her body is extremely exhausted. But amazingly, when she gets up on stage, she doesn't show any of what went on behind the scenes and only shows a Sandara Park-like image. Let's play! This is Sandara Park's and 2NE1's catchphrase. It's the most fitting expression for Sandara Park and 2NE1 who only enjoys themselves when they come out on stage!

Source: AllAdidas.com
Translated by: purpleumbrella@YGLadies.com