[Article] Ceci Magazine May Issues with ZE:A Siwan, Kwanghee and Minwoo

Im Siwan

Study-idol who admired Lee Seunggi, good at singing and studying. Now he suspended his studies for a while, but the fever for studying is still burning in this heart. Gauge Even I think that I lack in the "variety" department. As a "true Busan man" who is not good with words, I want to have sense of humor that would make people laugh. Competitive Spirit I'm a man too, so when I exercise with other idol team's members, I'm naturally competitive. To be honest, I want to win at any cost in sports I can and can't do. However, while I was exercising with my delicate looks, there were also people with inhuman strength. Positioning It's just my wish, but I'd love to be called a fashion-idol. I have much interest in fashion, so praising me as the guy who wears the clothes with sense makes my heart grow. Rule Because there are so many members, each of us has to wait for his turn. This waiting can take a long time. But it's rule that is not a rule to support generously from behind the member whose turn it is. It's not a rule we made on purpose, it's just something the 9 of us have been doing naturally. BGM Carnival's "Goose's dream". There's a lot of thing I' want to try to do. But as I grow older, there's this feeling that I lack the time to do all those things I want to try. Hoping that all those dreams will come true one day, this is my BGM choice.

Hwang Kwanghee

Style machine, variety idol who wants to obtain a nickname 'cool idol'. Spec. When our company's CEO saw me for the first time, he said that I will be responsible for the visual (aspect of the group). He probably saw that I showed my bright side by my constant smile.Competitive Spirit I think that it's to be expected (of me) if I want to be called for variety shows. The competitive spirit is fierce when somebody wants to do it alone. Rule. Unconditionally trust the other members. You can't do anything without trust. WeaponBecause of the different personalities of our 9 members, we're active in various fields, such as variety shows, fashion, modelling, acting, MC-ing. You will see what are we capable of doing soon. The Ultimate Goal To do what I like to do for a long time. My ultimate goal is to be recognized in our country as 'laughing virus' whenever people think of 'Kwanghee'.

Ha Minwoo

Minwoo, who is responsible for dance in ZE:A, is dreaming about something else: to gain recognition in the field of music. Motive I loved being on stage since the primary school. Gradually I gained some stage experience and after getting a good grade at one conversation, I could continue my dream as a singer. Spec I came to Star Empire after leader Junyoung hyung's invitation. My strength is that in the trainee days, when the members were chosen in the form of survival, I was able to save my skin a few times. It was a great help that I learnt things fast, let it be dancing or singing. Gauge The opiniont hat I'm the best at dancing in ZE:A has been always following me around. In order to meet those expectations, I practiced dance even harder. But nowadays, more than being praised for that, I'd like to be recognized in the field of music. I want to become a singer who can move people to tears and laugh, rather than a boy who only knows how to dance. Weapon There are a lot of idol teams, but our ability as an united force is the best. I can say that 9 people sharing the same body and mind is better than anyone else.

Source:Ceci magazine May issue
Translation: Nashirah@EmpireChildren