[UPDATE] Yoo So Young Talks about her Drama in Cyworld

2011. 4. 15 내 생에 첫 드라마 촬영
첫 촬영 첫 씬이였다..
너무너무너무너무너무 떨려서 어떻게 촬영을 했는지도 기억이 안난다
앞으로 더더더더 열심히해서 좋은 모습보여드릴께요!
p.s 아참! 소영이는 극중에서 ‘이세라’역으로 나온답니다!
2011년 5월 16일  저녁 8시 25분
KBS 일일드라마 ‘이웃집 여자들’ 첫 방송됩니다!
너무나도 밝고 즐겁고,재미있는 드라마 입니다~
너무너무 훌륭하신 감독님,스탭분들과 배우분들(저 빼구요^^;ㅎㅎ)이 모였습니다!
꼭꼭꼭 본방사수 부탁드려요~~~! 

2011.4.15 The first drama I’ve shot in my life

The first shooting was the most nerve-wracking

I was shaking so so so so much it was hard to remember anything

Look forward to more hard work, I will show you!

p.s 아참! 소영이는 극중에서 ‘이세라’역으로 나온답니다!

May 16, 2011 at 8:25 a.m.

KBS daily drama “The Women of Our Home” will have it’s first broadcast!

This drama is interesting, bright, pleasant and fun ~

Delighted to be working with such a distinguished group, the staff and actors (I left out me ^ ^; heh heh) We have all come together!

Please watch this drama. I’m begging you ~ ~ ~!

KBS “The Women of Our Home” girls fighting!!  So Young fighting!

KBS 이웃집 여자들 화이팅!!!! 유소영=이세라 화이팅!!!
Other updates:
친구 결혼식 가는 중
예쁘게 단장하고…
결혼축하하구, 오래오래 이뿌게 살어~
Went to a friends wedding
It was very beautiful
Cho Jung-eun
With this wedding celebration I felt proud, please live long
연습실 가는중!
연습실갈땐 항상 편안한 복장과 쌩얼은 필수!ㅎㅎ
열심히 열공 화이팅!!!
Going to the practice room!
Whenever I go to practice I always wear comfortable clothes, rehearsal is mandatory!  ㅎㅎ
Eagerly fighting!!!

Source: So young's Cyworld page
Credit (Trans.): ASD