[Twitter] Eeteuk jealous of Eunhyuk, Donghae and Siwon's relationship?

Super Junior leader Eeteuk tweeted along with a picture yesterday and has raised many concerns from the fans.
It says:
Give..me..anything..or I'll turn sulky..

What made him sulky? The answer is group member siwon. To show the brotherhood and close relationship between him, donghae and eunhyuk, he gave a cellphone each to both of them. In return, donghae and eunhyuk thanked him on twitter and posted cheeky pictures of them doing the same action. This had probably raised eeteuk's attention and jealousy.

Thus, he tweeted to all three of them saying,' What about me?'
Many fans of Eeteuk commented saying things such as,' Don't worry oppa, they don't give you, I'll give it to you.' while some just laughed over eeteuk's cute jealousy.

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