[TRANS] Conversation of After School's Kahi and Beast's Junhyung

Joker891219: Yo!! RT @Sid3524: ‘This is what Director Choi is doing’
misskahi: @Joker891219 @Sid3524: Whoa. Why are you guys like this… keke
Joker891219: @misskahi: I saw your guys’ teaser today… Noona, aren’t you TOO pretty^__^??
misskahi: @Joker891219: As expected, you have good taste……… Its raining, don’t you have to go ride your bicycle ! hehe
Joker891219: @misskahi: I wasn’t going to say this because I didn’t want Noona to worry but today, my fever was over 40 degrees C, I thought I was going to die…

Jacked from b2utiesloveb2st
Source: AfterSchoolDaze