[Trans] 2pm interview from MINI magazine

Jpn-Eng: sakiHa @2pmalways | Edited by Egle @2pmalways

“Beast Idol” 2PM’s exciting stay in Japan
Beastly and wild look they show us on stage, paired up with cute and innocent character. 2PM captivate girls in Asian countries with these contradictions. People call them “Jimseung-dol (Beastly idol)”! After experiencing the long stay in Japan for the first time in February, I heard a lot of stories from the boys.

Khun- I went to a toyshop in Ginza with Wooyoung in our free time. I had no idea which one to buy because there were a lot of rare items!
Taec- I went out for window- shopping in Shibuya with the other members. Shibuya looks like Myeongdong in Korea, but it is such a busy and vibrant city. I was glad that some people recognized us.
Woo- There were many rare hamsters and small animals at a pet shop in Odaiba. I wish I could take them to Korea.
Su- I like Japanese fashion style. Shopping time cannot be too long for me. I bought some jackets from Adidas and Jeremy Scott

Everyone said the food was the most memorable thing during this long stay.

Ho- I cannot forget the taste of So-ki soba which I had in Okinawa. You’ll find no food tastes like that in Korea.
Su- Sushi! But I didn’t get a chance to eat ootoro tuna~
Khun- Tonkotsu ramen was really good. When I go to Kyushu, I’ll go to eat the real Kyushu tonkotsu ramen for sure!
Woo- I liked the eel-lunch box. It was so soft and melted as soon as I put into my mouth.
Chan- It was so new to me to eat a raw chicken.
Khun- True! My parents used to tell me to eat only well cooked chicken! I was so surprised.

Not only raw chicken, the boys seemed to be surprised at the cultural differences.
Woo- I was surprised the taxi doors opened automatically. The driver stopped me when I tried to open the door. And the door opened by itself! I thought it was a horror story at the first time.
Taec- When we went to the beach in Okinawa, there were no people on the beach. I thought it was a desert island. I will go there again in private-time for sure.
Su- Cities are so clean and easy to live in Japan. There’s no dirt on the road. No matter how you look at it, you’ll love the night view there.
Chan- Fashion is cutting edge and it stimulates me. I’d like to visit Harajuku when I come to Japan next time.
Ho- I want to go shopping in Ura Harajuku because I like vintage clothes.

We are curious about their ideal woman.
Woo- It seems that Japanese people are kind and warm- hearted. I like the way our fans have good manners and watch for us.
Ho- Japanese girls know themselves and pick right clothes by themselves. I like stylish girls.

By the way, Taecyeon thinks the character is more important than the looks.
Taec- I like a girl who is very tough, but when I am down, I want her to cheer me up tenderly.
Chan- Do you want me to teach you a phrase for when you find a favorite girl? It’s “Itsukara sonnani kawaiino? (Since when are you so pretty?)”
Taec- It sounds too much. Do they even like such a phrase nowadays?! (laugh)
Ho- Only a drama heroine does!

They will debut in Japan on May 18th with a single called [Take Off]
Woo- In Korea, we have many dark and strong songs. However, [Take Off] is a very positive and fresh song. I think you’ll see a new version of us.
Taec- This song tells you to take a new step into a new world, and it also represents us well.
Chan- The difficult thing when I recorded was the accent. [Tsu] [Chi] [Za] sounds were very hard…(cries)
Khun- We took on this action of a plane about to take off into the dance. It’s so easy for you to try! I hope you guys enjoy dancing with us.

They are now getting ready for their first tour.
Ho- It will be like a party-concert so that you all can enjoy.
Chan- I hope you’ll come to see our burning stage!!!