[Picture] Teen Top Cap looks HOT with his Airport Fashion

Teen Top Group member, C.A.P., becomes a hot topic among netizens with his airport fashion.

On the 28th, Teen Top's C.A.P. photos at Incheon National Airport were released and caught the eyes of the community.

On the 27th, was C.A.P.'s last day in Thailand where the K-pop Charity Concert happened.
The Photo shows C.A.P wearing black baggy trousers and white cotton shirt that introduced a stylish, fresh but exhausted look.

The white and black colors were emphasized naturally by C.A.P's rimmed glasses and hat.
Also his stylish summer sandals completed the airport fashion considering the climate in Thailand.

Netizens who saw the photo commented such as "I also wear the same white shirt", "Great example of a hanger!"

Translations by: LostBallerina@6TEENSONTOP.com