[News/Article] Interview: The story of 'DON'T CRY' heard through producer Teddy

Q: How did the song 'DON'T CRY' come to be?

A: My style of working on music starts with using a chord combination as the foundation and then expanding that by creating a melody that fits in best with it, then writing lyrics that works fittingly. But this time, a friend named LYDIA PAEK who I had worked with together for this song had already created a base chord and melody. Using this, I fit in some additional melodies, lyrics, arrangement, and other processes of production, and this song was born.

At first we tried to go with a slow-tempo song, but we tried to give it a different feel with a faster beat that clashes with the song's mood. Through this screening we are able to show both styles by introducing the slow-tempo version in the show.

Q: When listening to the lyrics of 'DON'T CRY' it seems like the loved one moved on to the next life, and it also seems like the two lovers have parted ways, but what is it exactly about?

A: The lyrics are not about the lover that has passed away, but instead I wanted to portray a song about lovers parting ways in a beautiful way. Should I say it's sort of a strange farewell song? The two loved each other and tried so hard but they feel sad as they watch each other slowly changing, and eventually letting each other go.

Q: How is 2NE1's new album coming along?

A: You can say that the singles to come are about 90% completed. The framework for the album is done, and all that's left is working on the details.

Q: The first hidden story behind 'DON'T CRY' - The guitarist in the screening is?

A: Suh Won Jin, who used to perform as guitarist for Rumble Fish. His relationship with YG through Kush's introduction started with GD&TOP's 'Baby Goodnight', 'Oh Mom', and participated in arrangements recently for Big Bang's 'LOVE SONG', and also worked together for the live version of Park Bom's 'DON'T CRY.'

Q: The second hidden story behind 'DON'T CRY' - Who is the person who co-produced 'DON'T CRY' with TEDDY, LYDIA PAEK?

A: While Teddy was in the US meeting and working with international producers and songwriters, he met her through Shaun Evaristo, with whom he already had been acquainted with, who introduced her saying that there was someone with an outstanding singing talent among his peers in the industry. A second generation in the US, she not only does composing, but she is also quite popular in Youtube for her outstanding talent in singing and dancing as well.

Source: Music Naver
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