[News] WGM Victoria's loyalty ''Compared to Lee Yong Dae, Nichkhun is still more handsome''

Yesterday’s WGM episode showed Nichkhun and Victoria’s friends introduction story.
On that day, because Victoria was introduced to Nichkhun’s friend, badminton player Lee Yong Dae, she started conversing with aegyo to him.

Both Khuntoria and Lee yong dae played a game, and throughout the game, Victoria was smiling happily whenever Lee Yong dae’s turn came up, causing Nichkhun to smile bitterly.

In her blackroom interview, Victoria expressed her good impression of Lee yong dae, saying that he really had the aura of an athlete and was very manly”. But once asked to pick who she liked better, she picked Nichkhun without any hesitation, saying, “of course it’s Nichkhun”, displaying her affections for Nichkhun.

Furthermore, Lee Yong dae and Sulli’s interactions became a hot topic among the audience.

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