[NEWS] Teen Top' Niel-Ricky, un-compensated uniform photos 'hot topic

The school uniform photos of Teen Top's Niel and Ricky are heating up the internet. Recently photos of Niel's school were revealed in different online community sites.
The Niel in the photos was different from the charismatic image on stage and showed his young and student-like charms- not much different from normal high school students.

Niel who goes to a co-ed school is being the center of attention with every move he makes such as sitting in the classroom, being surrounded by colleagues and signing for them, taking photos with them, going back home etc.

Netizen who owed the photo said "When we first saw it, it was surprising and mysterious. We looked closer and his skin was really good. He even gave signatures…" and the netizens who saw this showed responses such as "He's really handsome even with the uniform", "I'm jealous of the students in the same school as him", "He's the terminator of un-compensated uniform photos" etc.

On the other hand Ricky's introduction video that seemed to have been taken in the graduation rose to the top of the video list and was a hot topic from being shown in the main page of portal sites.

Source : The Star Chosun + newsprime
Credit : limesoda101@6teensontop.com