[NEWS] T-ara Soyeon “After withdrawing from SNSD is the most hard time”!

A girl who enjoy standing in front of the mirror since she’s small, went to a art high school. During her senior year she became a trainee in a famous entertainment agency.Everyday she practice hard until she needs to change her t-shirt 2-3 times because of the sweat, that’s how much she’s chasing after her dream to became a star. But was her effort not enough? 6 months before she debuted with snsd she withdrew.

After giving up on her dream she stay at her house only. She said it is the hardest part of my life.The people who support her dream to became a singer, her grandma and uncle’s health condition started to be bad. 1 year later, her Grandma and Uncle passed .Giving up her dream is really hard.

“Until now the one year and a half time when I leave SNSD is the hardest time of my lfe. Not only my family support my dream to became a singer but my whole family, especially my grandma and uncle.But on that one year and a half time when i want to stop being a trainee the both of them passed away. When the both of them passed away the thing that they say is”become a singer”.

After seeing her grandma and uncle leave Soyeon is once more determined . Soyeon said “After the funerals of my grandma and uncle, I dusted myself off and tried to find my determination to reach my dreams again.I said ‘Ok let's try this again one more time.’

Accidentally she saw an article that said Mnet Media is looking for one more member to complete their 5 member girl group. For Soyeon she can’t miss this chance.

“I look for people that can connect me. In the end she search for Mnet Media’s address. She asked if she can meet the CEO , and they let me in. At that place I auditioned, and I was chosen.”

On 2009 Soyeon finally debuted with the girl group T-ara,and have the dream that she wants. but But SNSD who have made their debut at that time, trainee juniors SHINee and f(x) members now became a ‘singer senior'.

“When I first debut it’s really awkward (smiles). On my first broadcast, SHINee’s Jonghyun and Taemin came to greet me. At that time I threated them just like the trainee days, using informal language to them.Thinking about it now it’s really weird and i also worry a lot. So after that we talk and decided to talk comfortably just like the trainee days.”

Soyeon said “Actually withdrawing from SNSD makes me and SNSD members awkward with each other. But after debuting and promoting with T-ara, a lot of that problem has been resolved.”

“Now the time I’m with T-ara and the time I spend with SNSD in my trainee days are the same. The time I am with SNSD as a member was good but I don’t regret becoming a T-ara member. T-ara is a junior group who wants to became like SNSD. When i’m with SNSD i’m the oldest. Now i still contact the SNSD member and my parents are close with the SNSD’s parents.

After overcoming her hardship Soyeon lately have been active in the variety program. The program is KBS 2TV variety program ‘100 out of 100 points’ she have been the guest since January.Even though her name is “variety-dol’, Soyeon only look at her script to know who the guest is.

On the recent broadcast the guest listen to a short part of the song and guess what the title is. Soyeon who is born on 1987 guess the songand know immediately, the song is Kim Ji Ae’s “Hateful Person“, which was released in 1989.

“haha, i’m born on 1987. If I needed i will show my ID card.I heard from my parents that I’d always sit in front of the TV and hum along to songs. I have a lot of interest to the senior singers’s songs that’s why i know the songs.”

"I might get scolded. I only look at the script to know who the guests are and I also don’t follow the script. I think being natural came out the best.”

“On variety I’ll be a fun friend, on stage i’ll be T-ara’smain vocal, On acting I’ll be actress Park Soyeon and of course i will work hard more.”

Soyeon’s message to the junior who wants to be a singer.

“I've started to became a trainee 10 years ago. If i were to say one thing is ‘the person who really want to do it pursue this career. This is not only about can or work hard but you must really want it. By just relying on talent alone, during the trainee days you only think you need to passion and dream .But after your debut that work became your society. You can't sleep, You can't eat, and also you have no friends.The only thing you can do is perform on stage. The people who are crazy person who really wants to do it please pursue this career.”

Source: Nate
Translated by: ela @ Diadem