[NEWS] Soyeon "Falsely reported dating rumors, frustrated at not being able to explain" !

Girl group T-ara's Soyeon had revealed that she had been frustrated due to not being able to clear up the falsely reported dating rumors with Supreme Team's E-sens.

On the 11th, Soyeon had said in an interview with Star News "The reports that came up then were very different from the truth. I wasn't given a chance to explain and I was upset that I was portrayed as a 'damsel in distress'".

Soyeon and E-sens were enveloped in relationship rumors last October. At the time it was said that they were "not dating", but during the course of this, E-sens' management had said that it was untrue while Soyeon's management had neither confirmed or denied, with Soyeon being turned into the 'helpless person'. 

With regards to the situation, she said, "It is true that I became close to him as I was also originally a fan of his" continuing, "However, I think a false eyewitness account had escalated the situation".

"At the time, our CEO had received a call from the media and replied 'It hasn't been confirmed by our company yet and we will begin to check', it was said like this, but articles began popping up with headlines such as 'T-ara's company official confirmation, E-sens' company denies'".

"After that, I received an opportunity to appear on SBS's 'Strong Heart' and during the recording I told them a similar story to this, but it was not shown because it got edited out. In the end, it seems like I didn't get a chance to clear things up", expressing her regret.

Source: http://news.nate.com.../20110411n23983
Translated by: maknaes. @ tiaradiadem