[News] Singer Lee Jung became angry towards his junior group Infinite during recordings?

Singer Lee Jung became angry towards his junior group, Infinite, during recordings.

An incident was created where Lee Jung, who is currently an MC in Mnet’s ‘Director’s Cut Season 2’ with Yoon Jongshin and Harim, became angry towards his juniors. To change his hit song, ‘Shilla’s Night’, into a 2011 version, Lee Jung went to Kyungju along with his co-MCs, Horan, and Infinite’s Sunggyu, Hoya, and L. 

During the program’s corner, ‘Tell Me, Talk’, Yoon Jongshin asked, “Which of us seems like they’ll hold a grudge for the longest?”. Everyone picked Harim causing him to be embarrassed. Yoon Jongshin asked Infinite why they had picked Harim. To this, the members revealed the reason without any hesitation. Harim was a bit taken aback with Infinite’s response.

While watching this situation, Lee Jung suddenly said, “I feel that kids these days really have no common sense”, causing the whole recording set to be quiet. To calm himself down, Lee Jung left the recording set. However when Lee Jung arrived again, the whole set was full of laughter. The reason is because this was all a hidden camera trick.

Meanwhile, Mnet ‘Director’s Cut Season 2’ airs every Friday night at 12:30 PM

Source cr: Sports World & Infinite Updates
Translator cr: hyejin, emilie, jihye, & jiwon @ Infinite Updates