[News] Power 4minute vs Innocent A-Pink Battle Between Sister Groups “We Can’t Lose!”

A battle between ‘sister’ girl groups 4minute and A-PINK has unfolded. 

4minute has come back after an entire year with ‘Mirror Mirror’ while their dongsaeng group A-PINK has created a storm in the music industry and are waiting to debut. 

The fun part of this is that A-PINK and 4minute have such contrasting contrast and unique styles. As one of Korea’s top performing girl groups, they are boasting a powerful and charismatic color.

On the other hand, A-PINK is a girl group that has an innocent concept that has been hard to find in the Korean industry for a while. There seems to be much amusement in comparing the different feelings of power and innocence. 

The different styles of the two groups have been grabbing much attention. A-PINK’s company, A-CUBE, is a branch of Cube Entertainment. The A-PINK members have spent part of their practice days as Cube trainees and have transferred over to A-CUBE after it opened for debut preparations. 

A-PINK’s album was taken care of by Cube Entertainment’s president and 4minute’s producer, Hong Seungsong. A-CUBE’s president, Choi Jinho, helped Hong Seungsong launch 4minute. Representatives from both companies have remarked their relationship is like that of a family. 

Representative from both Cube Entertainment and A-CUBE have said, “Being that the gap between their album releases are different and the personalities of both teams, it’s hard not to see them as competitors. 4minute is doing well and A-PINK is receiving lots of interest as well. It looks to us that both teams will do well, no?” 

Source: Newsen