[News] Popular Korean idol group Super Junior to release their first Japanese single in Japan, "Bonamana"

Summary: South Korean popular idol group Super Junior will release their first Japanese single "Miinah(BONAMANA)" on June 8 in Japan.

Global web reporter Zhang Zhe reports that according to Korean Associated Press’ news on 26 April, popular Korean group Super Junior is slated to release a Japanese single, Bonamana on June 8.
According to reports, SM Entertainment revealed on April 26 that Super Junior’s《Beauty(BONAMANA)》is the Japanese version of the Asia-wide hit, Bonamana. Super Junior will also begin their endorsement of Japanese convenience store chain, Circle K, on May 16 before the single is released to meet with the audience. This will be closely followed by offering ringtone downloads from Japanese mobile phone site, “Recochoku” on 18 May.

The report also stated that, even though Super Junior has not officially debuted in Japan they still managed to attract 36,000 fans to the three concerts held in the Yokohama Arena in February.

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Source: China's Huanqiu News Portal| English Translation: deutschel @ SUPER-LEGACY.COM