[News] A Pink Jeong Eunji ''model student' graduation photo revealed...netizens' response?

7 member girl group A-PINK's main vocalist Jeong Eunji's graduation picture has been a hot topic.

At her average and baby-faced image in her graduation photo, netizens responded with "Seems like she lost a lot of weight and became prettier as she got older" "I don't see the resemblance between her then and now but she was cute" "The face of one of 2~3 model students in a class".

Jeong Eunji, who is 19 years old this year, is gaining a lot of love from fans with her mature singing style and solid vocals.

Meanwhile, A-PINK is receiving attention for their title song 'I Don't Know' which is by the industry's hit maker Super Changddai. Adding it's classic and trendy style with the innocent A-PINK members' charming vocals, the song is very comforting to listen to.