[News] Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young had nerve-wracking First Kiss

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young filmed the first kiss scene for an hour and half on SBS new drama ‘City Hunter’.

The first kiss scene of Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young was filmed in a club in Gangnam, Seoul on the 19th.

They attracted people’s eyes with picturesque kiss scene as if they are filming the pictorial shoot under the glaring lights. Lee Min Ho should pretend to be sweethearts to operate as ‘city hunter’. Park Min Young also entered the club with camouflage to protect the president’s daughter Da Hye but she got kiss from Lee Min Ho without even knowing what happened.

However, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young have met as a customer and a relief driver before meeting at the club. Therefore Lee Min Ho named the kiss as ‘Chauffeur Kiss’ after raining kisses to Park Min Young and expressed a look of satisfaction.

Due to set of sudden kiss scene, Lee Min Ho showed hotter and tougher kiss to Park Min Young than usual. It was really short kiss scene but the shooting time was like a hour and half. It was not that easy scene for shooting as the scene was filming with various angles in tiny space.

The production company of ‘City Hunter’ stated, “The first kiss scene of Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young is the most important scene that will be able to turning point in the relationship between them. The shooting went really smoothly in a very friendly atmosphere by perfect harmony of the beautiful-looking couple.”

SBS new WED/THU drama ‘City Hunter’ was made from Tsukasa Hozo’s hit animation in Japan as an original. As different with the original that has background of Tokyo in 1980s, this drama set in Seoul in 2011. It will be broadcasted in May, 25th.

Source Via : Nate
Credits: askactor