[News] Jung Yong Hwa Clarifies Dating Rumor With Kara Member Goo Hara

Few pictures of Kara Goo Hara and CN Blue Yong Hwa spread like wild fire on the internet as netizens claim that both of them are dating. Previously, it was 2pm Chansung who was involve in this dating scandal.

Representatives explained that Goo Hara is an outgoing person and have a lots of friends both male and female. They also added that Chansung and Yong Hwa are just one of the closest friend Hara have. They also added, Hara is very close to Chansung to play casual jokes and have the "sister and brother relationship" which can be misinterpreted by fans as "dating".

Airing on April 21, Jung Yonghwa will appear on KBS "Happy Together 3" and he clarified his scandal involving Goo Hara.

Jung Yong Hwa was asked about this scandal and he explained "I got close with her through a variety program. The picture was taken when we hadn’t seen each other for a long time, so we felt really glad to see each other and fooled around a bit.Hara just lightly hit my chest, and someone happened to take a screenshot right at that second, which somehow blew up into full press reports."

Well that explains it. Hope some netizens don't jump into conclusion right away just because of some few pictures!

Source: Sports Chosun + Newsen via Nate
Full Article by: sukira@dkpopnews.net