[News] Jonghyun posted a post with Shining SHINee

After his UFO post previously, he updated again, not long ago on SHINee's official website.
Together with his message, he posted a picture, with his Shining members, SHINee.

Hello everyone, i am Blingbling Jonghyun
I am very thankful to everyone’s birthday well wishes for me ^^
although last year and the year before i have received the blessing , but still
having the fresh feeling always hehe

although we have not met for a very long time ㅎ
next time, we must meet happily ^^

After fans saw the picture, they were very excited about the surprise birthday party that SM had planned. Fans also commented, "It's good to see them together, i miss SHINee as 5."

Do you miss SHINee as 5 too?

Credit/ soruce: Baidu
chinese translation : 黑色·泡泡 @ baidu
Eng translation : Forever_shinee 5th admin